Embroider Canvas Espadrille Flats


Color: Black


Size: 5


These stylish flats feature intricate embroidery on a durable canvas upper, adding a touch of artisanal charm to a classic design. The braided jute sole offers a hint of bohemian flair while providing comfort and breathability for all-day wear. Perfect for beach outings, summer adventures, or relaxed weekends, these espadrille flats effortlessly combine fashion and functionality. 


Product Details:

  • Design: Stylish flats featuring intricate embroidery on a canvas upper with a classic espadrille sole.
  • Material: Durable canvas upper with woven jute sole.
  • Fit: Comfortable slip-on style with a snug fit.
  • Colors: Available in white with floral embroidery, navy with geometric patterns, and beige with abstract designs.
  • Sizes: US 5 to 11.


Care Instructions:

  • Spot Clean: Wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap for small stains 🧼.
  • Air Dry: Allow to air dry naturally away from direct sunlight ☀️.
  • Avoid Soaking: Do not soak in water to prevent damage to the embroidery and jute sole 🚫.
  • Protect Soles: Avoid wearing on rough surfaces to preserve the jute sole 🏞️.
  • Store Properly: Keep in a cool, dry place when not in use 🧺.
  • Use Shoe Trees: Insert shoe trees or stuff with paper to maintain shape 🥾.
  • Avoid Heat: Do not place near heat sources to avoid damaging the materials 🚫.